Translation Services in Dubai

It is indeed a pleasure to welcome you to the new Dubai Translation or Kamil Bashir Legal Translation website, which provides an important tool to improve our interaction with our clients and an indispensable source of information for the law and business communities of the Emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In our quest to offer best global services, our firm has launched its new advanced and user-friendly website, which provides updated translation focused and  business-related information in accordance to best technical standards available in the business world.

With its high-tech features, the new website provides more value-added services, speedy browsing and easy access to crucial information for the fast-paced translation and business environment so essential for intended customers in Dubai, UAE and the world.

While amplifying our customer-focused approach, the new website also provides high-tech interactive platform for our stakeholders and members to use the bouquet of our online services (Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In), all utilized under our strategic objectives of creating a favourable service environment, supporting the development of translation and promoting Dubai and the UAE as an international business hub.

We hope you find the new website a beneficial source for all your translation needs.


Kamil Bashir Osman (Ph.D.)