Our company

Kamil Bashir Legal Translation (KBLT) is a pioneering group of translators and interpreters in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) successfully poised as a quality full-service provider in the translation and language services field. 

KBLT, also known online as the Dubai Translation, is considered as one of the leading translation and interpreting service provider in the Emirate of Dubai since its official establishment in 2005. The company now operates in other Arabian countries and the regions of America and Europe.

Quick delivery of quality and accuracy in line with the internationally accepted principles is the firm ideal vision to which it has proven strictly committed.

The company success is attributed to tremendous efforts exerted by its highly efficient and well-versed professions conjoined the European (British) and American knowledge with its international standardized principles and the United Arab Emirates markets know-how.

Thus, the firm has successfully managed to maintain a mass of local and international segmented clientele base comprises local and international institutions and individuals. KBLT are now their authentic certified translation reference.




Mission and Vision

Our merit is to create a reliable reference in the translation and interpreting professions in the United Arab Emirates and worldwide by achieving quality assurance through application of the internationally accepted norms and principles of the professions.



  • To maintain ethics and values of the professions, pay great respect to work confidentiality and client's privacy and provide comprehensive diversified services that meet requirements of all community and business segments;
  • To be always within easy reach of clients when, how and where they need. Thus, effectively meet their requirements of quality, accuracy and quick delivery;
  • To guarantee the ultimate level of readiness and efficiency and get fully equipped to promptly deliver whatsoever types of translations required (i.e. legal, financial, banking, medical, scientific, business, press, media, advertising, literature, academic, educational, technology ...etc). This is how our company realizes the concept of comprehensiveness and diversity;
  • To provide translation services from and into all languages in circulation within the UAE and those tongued by our cross-border clients. It therefore has been keen to employ and liaise with a cosmopolitan translation team.
  • To get equipped with up-to-date technologies that foster the work mechanism. Thus, our firm has become able to professionally cater to the ultimate needs of its clients. It provides advanced solutions to all sorts of interpretation problems.
  • To maintain flexible work strategies in accordance with the clients work flow. It delivers promptly per page, charges per hour and can deal under permanent contracts at the option and to the satisfaction of its clients. It is always there for any unforeseen emergencies.
  • To share our services worldwide and develop a strong base of key customers.



Our well-knit relation with clients starts with just a phone call followed by a meeting, where our offered services are discussed and reviewed, the client finds the chance to give due instructions and agree on the required service, rates, delivery method and time with us. The outcome is that we usually deliver accuracy and quality with due promptness to the satisfaction of the client.